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Building Sustainable Neighborhoods

We design urban centers, neighborhoods and rural towns as the basis of sustainable communities. People increasingly choose to live in sustainable neighborhoods where they can walk to work, schools, shops, parks, places of worship, libraries, civic institutions, and transit services. [ more ]

Re-Forming Suburbs

We promote strategies to transform aging and underperforming "brownfields" and "greyfields" into new town centers, and vibrant neighborhoods. [ more ]

Revitalizing Downtowns

We work to revitalize existing historic cities, towns and villages. Redeveloping, infilling and reinvesting in historic main streets and centers is good business and the foundation of sustainable regions.
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On the Boards

  • Park Avenue Station Community, Clackamas County, OR - Transit Oriented Development, Suburban Retrofitting
  • Barbur Boulevard Corridor, City of Portland, OR - Transit Oriented Corridor Planning
  • Seabrook, Grays Harbor Co, WA:
    • The Front Street Live/Work Townhomes
    • East Main Street and Madison Lane - "pocket neighborhoods"
    • Elk Creek Cove - "pocket neighborhood"
    • Main Street B&B and Wine Bar - block master plan
    • Updated Form Based Code master diagrams