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Re-Forming Suburbs

Olivia Beach

This compact, 12-acres neighborhood of 91 homes, a community pool house and two parks, tucks into an historic district of a coastal beach town. The nearby retail main street, high school, cinema, local theater, and bus transit is all within a short 5-minute walk. The community’s tree-lined ‘Skinny Streets’ and rear alleyways offer a network of pedestrian and bike-friendly ways through the neighborhood, to the two parks, and to public beach stairway, all provided as amenities of the development. A broad range of house designs and craftsman details was created from inspirations of the finest traditional towns along the coast. Native plants and crushed oyster shell pathways along with the local vernacular housing settles the new neighborhood into it’s natural and built environment, bringing new and old together as one.

A Form Based Code specifies that all the houses face the streets with broad front porches, and stoops. Rear alleyways access garages, which are all detached from the homes. Buyers have the choice of a single car garage, or upgrades to accessory units above one or two-car garages. With average 4,000 sq ft lots, the homes sit close to the sidewalks, encouraging vibrant social interaction between neighbors.

Lincoln City, OR
Casey Roloff, Current Development
Suburban Neighborhood Infill, Urban Design Codes, Building Design
Design: 2004-2008
Construction: Mostly Complete