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Bella Beach

Bella Beach is a new oceanfront neighborhood on Oregon's Pacific Coast where people work, shop, meet their neighbors, and recreate all within a close walk of their homes. The 15-acre mixed-use neighborhood spans a 1/4 mile from the Pacific Coast Highway to the ocean. Laurence Qamar provided neighborhood master planning and architectural services. The value of each of the 70+ home sites was increased by providing convenient pedestrian access to the ocean, a network of Cottage Greens, corner stores with homes above, and preserved stands of Shore Pine. The "Ocean Mews" is a pedestrian gateway with preserved native pines for residents and the general public to access the beach. Bella is a compact model of a sustainable community on a relatively small infill site using previous pathway and low-impact rainwater infiltration techniques.

New additions to Bella Beach in Phases 2 and 3 include the Neighborhood Green at the entry, the Courtyard Townhouses, and several oceanfront houses. Laurence Qamar has planned the additions and designed the new cottages, townhouses, community building, and a bed & breakfast with a ground floor cafe.

With these additions Bella Beach will establish itself as an authentic oceanside neighborhood where people work, shop, meet their neighbors, and recreate all within close walks of their homes.

  • Client

    Current Development, Casey Roloff

  • Type

    New Neighborhood Infill, Housing, and Live/work Design, Waterfront