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The 21,000-acre regional sector master plan for the expansion of the Portland Metro Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) is designed to contribute significantly to the necessary housing/employment balance for the coming 20 years within the greater Portland Metro area. Laurence Qamar worked as a primary Urban Designer on a multi-disciplinary consultant team with State, Regional, County, and local officials, transportation engineers, ecologists, retail strategists, and land-use planners. Laurence established a regional growth pattern of new towns and villages nestled among preserved wooded hills and farm belts. The principles of Smart Growth are integrated into the master plan by first establishing a pattern of interconnected, mixed-use neighborhoods. The master plan emphasizes a fine-grained network of smaller streets to serve the region as an alternative to relying only on collectors, arterials, and highways. The optimal locations of commercial and employment centers are carefully considered to serve the existing and future neighborhoods. Farming green belts and wildlife corridors were allocated as edges to the newly established villages. Laurence also produced a series of aerial renderings of future village types for various locations in the landscape as part of the process of developing the new city’s first development code.

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    Joe Dills, OTAK, and Anita Yap, City of Damascus

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    Sustainable New Town Planning, Transportation Networking, Community Typology Studies