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Village Weistoria

Village Weistoria is a seven-acre neighborhood addition in Bend, OR. The new neighborhood infill contains a Meeting House, cottages, double houses, and row houses gathered around picturesque lanes and preserved open space greens and towering conifers. The Meeting House serves as a branch post office, a cafe, a lending library, and a meeting hall for residents and the general public. The opportunity for neighborly interaction is encouraged through the design of the streets, lanes, and sidewalks lined with front porches and shade trees. All the streets are designed as narrow queuing streets, which naturally enforce the slowing of traffic while providing sufficient on-street parking. Laurence Qamar designed the overall street layout, lots, street sections, landscaping, and building codes. The codes regulate the placement of buildings on their lots, the size and orientation of front porches, on-site parking, and a broad pallet of materials and architectural details for all buildings.

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    Village Development, Kevin Rea

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    New Neighborhood Infill, Urban and Architectural Standards, Civic Building Architectural Design