We believe the ability to stroll out our front door and access the world around us by walking, cycling, and riding transit is basic freedom for all. And yet much of the suburban development built in the past 50 years is accessible by only automobile, and at the expense of pedestrians.

Walkable neighborhoods have fundamentally secure, safe, convenient, and attractive streetscapes. They are secure when building fronts have inviting windows, doors, balconies, and porches that provide neighborly "eyes on the street". They are safe when streets are designed to slow drivers and make them aware of pedestrians. They are convenient when fine-grained streets networks and small blocks offer many choices to walk to nearby daily destinations. They are attractive when the totality of the buildings, landscape, public places, and the people themselves are interesting to see and engage with.

The ability for young and old to walk to work, shops, schools, parks, or just a neighbor's home opens the door to a healthier, happier, and more secure lifestyle. We design neighborhoods to be above all walkable, open, vibrant, and accessible to people.