Building Sustainable Neighborhoods

We design urban centers, neighborhoods and rural towns as the basis of sustainable communities. People increasingly choose to live in sustainable neighborhoods where they can walk to work, schools, shops, parks, places of worship, libraries, civic institutions, and transit services. First-time buyers, growing families and seniors are choosing walkable neighborhoods for their increased health, safety, services, community and financial security. [ more ]

Re-Forming Suburbs

We promote strategies to transform aging and underperforming "brownfields" and "greyfields" into new town centers, and vibrant neighborhoods. Outdated shopping centers, commercial strips, industrial districts, suburban campuses, and other auto-centric suburban districts offer the greatest opportunities and challenges for private developers and public municipalities in coming decades. [ more ]

Revitalizing Downtowns

We work to revitalize existing historic cities, towns and villages. Redeveloping, infilling and reinvesting in historic main streets and centers is good business and the foundation of sustainable regions. These places hold the lessons of our heritage and they possess the walkable, compact, diverse, mixed-use infrastructure that we strive to create in new developments and reformed suburbs.
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